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We welcome reactions on any novel, short story, play, graphic novel, movie or television series. The submitted reaction must contain the 2 criteria format of Lit React (please see about for more information). Also, the reaction must have the same narrative verve as the reactions posted on this site. No dry academic papers please. Check your jargon at the door.

Amount of payment is dependent on the work being reacted to as well as the quality of the reaction. As a ballpark figure, reactions on novels usually merit payment of around $16. All payments to be made either in US dollars via paypal or in Bitcoin, unless other payment options are feasible.

Legal stuff follows: Please note that upon acceptance by Lit React of your essay/reaction, you transfer, assign and convey all rights and ownership over your submitted essay/reaction to the owner of Lit React. Prior to acceptance, the author of the accepted essay/reaction must also provide short, truthful biographical information about him/herself which will be posted on the Reactors portion of the site. You may opt to submit a pseudonym instead of your real name.

Lit React in turn guarantees that all accepted reactions will be made available to the public online via a Creative Commons License with full attribution to the author for as long (or as short, if the gods are unkind) as Lit React remains operational. Lastly, by submitting your essay/reaction to Lit React you warrant that you are the author of the entirety of the essay/reaction submitted and no parts thereof are plagiarized. Also that you think reading is the best thing we've invented since fire and is on par with the Great Wall and space travel in terms of stupendous awesomeness.

Lit React reserves the right not to publish/post any essay/reaction which contravenes the foregoing terms and conditions.

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