Lit React ~ Analysis & reactions on works of fiction.

Read in 2012

Anathem (Neal Stephenson)
The Hunger Games (Suzzane Collins)
Machine Man (Max Barry)
Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison)
Unaccustomed Earth (Jhumpa Lahiri)
Reread - The Woman With Two Navels (Nick Joaquin)
Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin)
A Clash of Kings (George R.R. Martin)
Reread - Consider Phlebas (Iain M. Banks)
More than Human (Theodore Sturgeon)
A Storm of Swords (George R.R. Martin)
A Feast of Crows (George R.R. Martin)
A Dance With Dragons (George R.R. Martin)
Sin Titulo (Cameron Stewart)
Reread - The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy)
The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes)
Mythologies (Roland Barthes)
The Ascent of Money (Nial Ferguson)
The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (David Landes)
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (Richard Feynman)
Supergods (Grant Morrison)