Lit React ~ Analysis & reactions on works of fiction.


Essentially Lit React is a collection of thoughts on what different stories mean. You may disagree that stories have meaning, or on the meaning ascribed to a particular story, or even that we can define meaning in a greater ontological sense. There's a lot of room for disagreement when it comes to stories and meaning and big L's and small l's and what theory to use and which group may or may not be marginalized by such and such a dialectic.

Lit React isn't about the disagreements. It's about that tingle you got in school when a particularly good professor linked character, dialogue, setting, plot and all the other elements into a whole greater than its parts. It's about that time you read until 3 in the morning, put the book down and in a sudden twist of ephemeral something, everything you read just fell into place. It's about making stories personal.

There are different ways to read a text. Some are better than others. Lit React does not suggest that the reactions posted here are the only ways to approach a story. Rather, just as the ancient mariners formed random spots in the sky into recognizable constellations; Lit React proposes plausible patterns out of seemingly unrelated bits of story flotsam.

It is hoped that this site benefits all readers who may be a little bewildered and all students of words who may be a little lost. Everyone is invited to quote from the reactions; as long as the author is properly cited.

How we roll

Each reaction is composed of 2 parts:

1. Analysis - Ideally the reaction should have the wit of your favorite professor, the erudition of your favorite thinker, the narrative fever of your favorite writer, the uniqueness of your favorite genre and the sensibleness to know when it is trying too hard.

2. Review - In a perfect world the heart would be in perfect agreement with the head, the intellectual entwined with the emotional. However, we all know we can admire a story for its polished brilliance but still hate it with a vengeance. Ice queens are nice to look at but cool to the touch. This is the "bloggerly" portion of a reaction and deals with the reactor's gut reaction to a particular work. Feel free to ramble/gush/wax poetic or flame/complain and whine.

Site growth

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